\\\\\\ If you like avocados, you just became my best friend. There is still a tree outside my island home that I can go right outside to pick an avocado.  I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and I now live in Savannah GA.  I’m a computer geek with all kinds of gadgets and I have 4 computers monitors to watch 4 different movies at once.

I remembered the day when I first got excited about photography. There was a guy in my architecture school that was retouching an image in Photoshop.  I knew I wanted to take pictures from that day on even though I didn’t know what or how to use a camera. Eight years later I bought my first camera and I never looked back.

Now I’m shooting portraiture and products.

Oh, I need another watch to add to my collection. I will pay you in avocados if you donate one to me.\\\\\