3 Tips to make your makeup artist happy on shoot day?

Title | 3 Tips to make you makeup artist happy on shoot day?
Savannah Portrait Photographer | Leon Jade

It is your big day and you are all excited to work with you favorite makeup artist and photographer. I know you want to look your best that day, so here 3 tips to make your makeup artist happy on shoot day

  1. Get Enough Sleep – When you get enough rest, your eyes will be must more show it by being more open
  2. Clean Face – Since the makeup artist will be one applying the makeup on shoot day, thoroughly remove all previously applied make. Let your pores breed
  3. Shoot up early – This will give your makeup some spare time to make some extra makeup adjustments

There is more things you can do before shoot day but these 3 tips can help out significantly

Don’t forget to thank your makeup artist for being so patient

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Tell me some things you have done to make your makeup artist happy. I can’t wait to hear from you?

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