3 tips on how to get sharper images

Title | 3 tips on how to get sharper images
Savannah Portrait Photographer | Leon Jade

After a long day of shooting, you sit down at the computer, downloaded the images to your hard drive, imported them into your favorite image culling software (lightroom, bridge, etc) to only notice that the majority of your images are out of focus.  Now you feel like you wasted an entire day on your favorite shoot and you are not how to fix it on your next shoot.  Here are 3 tips that will help you get sharper images.

  1. User back focus button – Many cameras are setup to focus with the same button that releases the shutter. Sometimes holding focus in mid click on the same button can be difficult. Check out your camera manual to see if you can move the focus button to back and leave the shutter release at the top
  2. User faster shutter speed – Yes, using a flash can freeze your subject without a problem but what if you don’t have the luxury of using artificial light. Increasing your shutting speed to at least 3 times the lens focal length can increase the chances of you getting a sharper image
  3. Focus on the eye – The crosshair on your cameras focus points is setup to read the differences between the light and dark. If you place close attention to the human eye, the point at which the outer edge of the iris meets the Sclera (white area of the eye) creates a high contrast. Place your cameras focus point just between those areas and watch how fast your camera focuses.


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